Kaomoji Bubble is a CSS snippet made by GVNM


This bubble is used as a small speech bubble to show dialogue next to a kaomoji.

It is in the template {{Kaobubble}}. The format for the template is {{Kaobubble|text|color}}in which Color is a value for background: in a <span> tag, and can either be a solid color ({{Kaobubble|this|white}} produces this,) or a CSS linear gradient ({{Kaobubble|this|linear-gradient(to bottom,lightblue,white,white)}} results in this.)



The "arrow" for the speech bubble is actually the Japanese katakana "no".

Please note that you may have to add an extra line break because this snippet consists of many nested superscript (<sup>) elements, which may block normally placed lines above it. It has done this many times in this article alone.

Source CodeEdit

<sup><span style="color:black;">ノ</span></sup><sup><sup><sup><sup><span style="border:1px solid black; border-radius:0.5em; text-align:center; margin:1px 1px 1px -10px; color:black;padding:1.5px; background:white">Text</span></sup></sup></sup></sup>

Example UsageEdit

(^.^)/hi〜♪ (~~;)sorry...(///ω///Oh, you... (ノ ;òДó)ノfffffffuuuuu...!︵ ┻━┻